Jennifer Blomquist and her entire team of agents, designers, and construction crews are TOP NOTCH

Let me not mince words here…Jennifer Blomquist and her entire team of agents, designers, and construction crews are TOP NOTCH and here’s why. In my particular case, we looked at existing homes for sale as well as new construction, either the home was in the wrong area, the design was wrong, or a myriad of other issues shall we say. After a visit to The Summit at Lost Mountain and speaking with Jennifer and her sales staff, we were sure that this was the place for us to build our dreamhome.

Jennifer was very personable, truthful and honest, as well as being more than accommodating and welcoming for some design changes we wanted to make to ensure the house had our style and tastes. Once again, Jennifer and her team excelled in providing design input, suggestions and overall assurance of quality and value. This input continued throughout the design and building process, which was logical, step by step, and Inclusive all along and throughout. Rarely, were we ever told “you can’t do that” or, “that won’t look right.” And truthfully, when we were told those things, the end result turned out better than we imagined. Jennifer knows her craft extremely well.

Building a true custom home requires a great deal of communication and planning from all involved. It is indeed rare to be able to directly communicate with the CEO and Builder. My texts and phone calls and onsite visits resulted in nearly instantaneous results to the problem of the day or issue that needed to be addressed. Once again, Jennifer took pride in her work and of her Team’s ability to provide outstanding customer service.

There is a huge difference in building a house from the ground up alongside the builder versus being a buyer walking into an existing home and putting your cash on the table. Building from the ground up is not without its pitfalls and unknowns. There are problems and issues to be resolved nearly on a weekly basis; it is intrinsic with this undertaking. When given space to do her job Jennifer always, without exception, resolved each and every issue to our satisfaction. Perfection in any endeavor is unattainable. The desire to achieve perfection is what sets people apart. Jennifer and her Team, at all times, strived to achieve perfection and showed glowing pride in the job done. Multiple times with Jennifer herself doing some of the work. Truly hands on!

In summary, my family and I blessed to have become clients of Blomquist Builders Group. Jennifer is a good, warm person with a work ethic unmatched. The home she built for us is beautiful and a great value. The experience of building our home with Jennifer was a positive experience and one we will remember fondly years down the road.

Richard D. Vivian and Family