Our commitment to building will change your view on custom homes. We look forward to being right there with you every step of the way in creating a place you’ll absolutely love and will be proud to call home.

Whether it’s choosing the right floor plan, features, or options, we will help keep the stress out. That’s why we’ve assembled an experienced and knowledgeable team to help guide you in making the selections that will make your house truly your home. You know you are in good hands with our expertise and experience in the field.

We understand that most people want a custom home, but think it is out of their price range.  Blomquist Builders Group is committed to making homes that reflect you, within your budget. Welcome to a new way of home building, where quality and value come standard.

What Others are Saying

An advocate for the neighborhood and stood by her work

We are very excited to be among the latest new home owners in Summit at Lost Mountain and wanted to… Read more “An advocate for the neighborhood and stood by her work”


CEO, Jennifer Blomquist

In an industry dominated by men, our CEO, Jennifer Blomquist is something of a rarity. However, she has created a solid foundation of success by doing what men can’t - understanding women.

While working in the warranty department of a prominent home builder nearly twenty years ago, Jennifer noticed subcontractors were being paid before completing the job. Because of her problem-solving abilities and attention to detail, she was quickly promoted to Quality Control Manager. While in that position, one of their builders was seriously injured and unable to complete his homes. Tasked with finishing his projects, Jennifer accomplished the seemingly impossible. All of her assigned homes were not only completed on time for closing, but also ended with a zero punch list. Irrespective of her achievements, the CEO refused to believe any woman could be a Home Builder. Jennifer decided to leave the company and has since proven, women are exceptional home builders.

In 2014, Jennifer was recognized in Cobb Business Journal’s “Top 20 Rising Stars Under 40” list. She was quoted saying "Men know a lot about construction, but when it comes to building a home and knowing what a woman wants, and what's needed in certain spaces, that's when it's good to have a woman's perspective." As a wife, and mother of three, Jennifer has a unique qualification when creating a home.

What sets Jennifer apart in this industry is her attention to detail. From working with graders to monitoring all the sub-contractors, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty to ensure your dream home is built to the highest quality.

Jennifer also works closely with you to make any custom changes to create your dream home. From choosing your flooring, custom cabinets, appliances, to the lighting and faucets options, she is there for you through the entire custom home building process.